2017 What Car? Servicing Satisfaction Survey

The 2017 What Car? Servicing Satisfaction Survey reveals the brands that are trusted to deliver quality work and the ones that could leave you feeling underserved or overcharged...

2017 What Car? Servicing Satisfaction Survey

What Car? says…

With Japanese and Korean brands dominating the franchised servicing league for both newer and older cars, it’s clear that they're a safe bet if you don't want to end up feeling disgruntled or overcharged. Standout performers that keep owners happy over many years include Honda, Lexus, Hyundai and Toyota, with Honda dealers having the best overall satisfaction rating (91.2%).

Jaguar, Mini and Dacia also impress when cars are still under warranty. However, the level of satisfaction felt by owners of older Jaguars and Minis both dip noticeably, making these brands a less appealing long-term prospect. In contrast, owners of brands such as Subaru and Suzuki get happier as their cars age.

It’s a mixed bag for those getting their car serviced independently, with smaller players, such as Chevrolet and MG, less than one percentage point behind leader Hyundai. Also making the independent servicing top five are Lexus, Porsche and Mitsubishi.

Where are cars serviced according to age?

Almost 90% of motorists get their cars serviced at franchised dealerships in the first year, but a growing number swithch to independents as the cars age. In fact, according to our research, by the time cars reach seven years old, nearly half are serviced outside the franchised network.

The main reason, as discussed earlier, is cost, because independents are rated more highly for value for money. But other factors are also at play. For example, the distance needed to reach a franchised dealer is one deterrent for owners who don't live close to cities.

Those opting for independent agents are more likely to choose a non-specialist, and only a small percentage pick fast-fit or car spares chains.

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