4th: SXUC Drivers 6426 - 15.99

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Will Nightingale
13 June 2008

4th: SXUC Drivers 6426 - 15.99

RRP 15.99
Best of the web 15.99 (Sxuc.com)
Lens size 62mm


The Drivers don't wrap around the face, so quite a bit of light crept around the edges when testing. They were comfy to wear, though. The lenses weren't up with the more expensive brands at improving contrast, but the polarising function worked well, and the tint was not too dark.

They're cheap as chips, but you wouldn't guess by looking at them. We didn't manage to find a discount, but who cares when they're only 16? Add postage and your bill will come to less than 20. You even get a leather-effect case with a belt attachment.

Quality is surprisingly good, considering the price. The frames are metal, and only the plastic arms felt a bit low-rent.

Special features
There's not much to consider here, but you wouldn't expect it at this price. They're about the cheapest polarised lenses on the market, and available in two colours - black and brown. The brown versions should be the better bet for driving.