7. Turtlewax Bug & Tar Remover

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7. Turtlewax Bug & Tar Remover

Best price: 4.99 (Halfords)
Capacity: 500ml
Type: Spray

For: Effective formula, good at cutting through many deposits
Against:Residue can be hard to shift

This product is a thicker, more polish-like, substance thats very effective, but needs more work to clean up afterwards. The results are good, but this product works best as a pre-wash routine.

At 5 for 500mls, the similar Halfords product is cheaper.

Ease of Use:
The remover needs only a minute to work, and was effective at cutting through insect debris without excessive rubbing.

Special features/Limitations:
Safe to use on all surfaces and can tackle a wide range of surface contamination.