81% of drivers use mobile on the move

* 44% text while driving * 24% use social media behind the wheel * Tougher sanctions coming...

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What Car? Staff
09 March 2011

81% of drivers use mobile on the move

Eight out of 10 motorists are still using mobile phones while driving, a new survey has revealed.

In a study by goodmobilephones.co.uk, 81% admitted to using their mobile phone behind the wheel, while 44% confessed to sending text messages.

The survey also found that 31% of drivers checked their emails and 24% surfed social networking sites while driving.

The Government recently announced that it was considering increasing the penalty from three to four points for drivers caught on the phone.

However, research by the Transport Research Laboratory found that the number of offending drivers has increased since fines were increased to 60 and three penalty points were applied.

What Car?'s own research shows that many drivers don't admit to using a mobile phone while driving, but claim they see many other motorists on the phone.

Results from What Car?'s poll

When did you last use a handheld mobile while driving?

Today 9%
In the past week 13%
In the past month 11%
Never 67%

When did you last see another motorist using a handheld mobile phone?
Today 56%
Yesterday 23%
Last week 17%
Last month 4%