8th Ndrive G800R

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19 November 2008

8th  Ndrive G800R

8th Ndrive G800R
RRP 199.99
Best of the web 179.99 Play.com
Screen size 4.3in


Quick menus and quick-ish maps. The Ndrive is a competent navigator whether you're in the country or city. However, its best feature is 3D photomapping of most UK cities (kind of like Google Earth), so you can see a bird's-eye photo view of your location.

Ease of operation

Menu layout is simple, as is entering a destination. It isn't as user-friendly as a TomTom or Garmin, but even technophobes shouldn't have a problem using the Ndrive.


Maplin.co.uk was offering the Ndrive at incredible 99.98, but has recently run out of stock. Check back before buying, because otherwise the best price we found was 179.99 at Play.com and that's pretty pricey given the competition.


Nice case with a rubbery finish, which should help protect against scrapes and knocks. The cradle is sturdy, if a little cheap and bulky.

Special features

The 3D photomapping set the Ndrive apart from any of the other units. They're more of a novelty than a necessity, though and only cities are covered. The Ndrive gets Bluetooth, an MP3 player and an FM transmitter, but misses out on Euro maps and TMC.