8th: Polaroid Phoenix 4811C - 45

8th: Polaroid Phoenix 4811C - 45

Polaroid Phoenix 4811C
RRP 45
Best of the web 44.99 (Polaroidsunglasses.co.uk)
Lens size 62mm


These glasses were not great. Although the Phoenix's lenses were polarised, our testers found they didn't eliminate haze as well as the pricier Polaroid Xoor Expedition 2702As. The copper-coloured lenses worked well in lower light conditions, but didn't improve contrast as well as the brown-tinted lenses fitted to other makes.

Their low price did include a hard case, which, surprisingly, didn't come with the dearer Polaroids. The copper versions are the best choice for driving, but grey and green polarised lenses are also available. Our shoppers couldn't find any saving on the RRP.

They do have metal frames, but the imitation gold plating felt rather cheap. The arms were made of metal, but the hinges were much less robust than those fitted to the more expensive Polaroid Xoor Expedition 2702As - understandably, as these cost 30 less. The plastic earpieces also felt cheap.

Special features
Scratch- and shatter-proof PTX4000 lenses should help keep the Phoenixes in good condition. The lenses also feature two layers of UV light absorbers, and the copper-tinted versions (4811Cs) are designed to make red light from, for example, brake and traffic lights stand out in bright glare.

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