9/10 replies 'extremely disturbing'

22 January 2008

9/10 replies 'extremely disturbing'

We weren't surprised to see you call for less-stringent penalties on motorways, but we were stunned to discover that nine out of 10 of you think drivers caught travelling at 39mph in a 30mph should get just three points or less.

Only 49% of you wanted more 20mph zones, despite one of the most striking DfT Think! campaigns where we're told that your chances of killing a child in an accident at 30mph are two in 10, rising to eight in 10 at 40mph.

Jools Townsend, spokesman for road safety group Brake, said: 'It's extremely disturbing that so many drivers fail to understand that if they speed they're putting lives on the line.

'This attitude is all the more surprising given that many drivers are parents, who would be horrified at the thought of their own children being put in danger, yet are willing to risk the lives of other people's children just because they're in a hurry.'