Audi's wired for sound (and vision)

* Camera-equipped technicians * to show and discuss work with owners * Fixed-price service and repairs...

Audi's wired for sound (and vision)
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What Car? Staff
2 Jul 2010 14:16

Audi has launched a new Direct Reception system, which allows customers to watch and talk to technicians working on their car.

The idea is to show owners what work is required and how it is being done. As well as being able to watch through the 'Audi Cams' owners will also be able to ask technicians questions with a two-way audio link.

Audi UK director Jeremy Hicks said: 'We want to ensure that everyone who entrusts their Audi to us for servicing and repairs knows exactly where they stand and exactly what to expect.

'The industry is often accused of baffling customers with science, but by offering our customers full exposure to the work undertaken on their cars, and the ability to talk through that work with the technician involved, our aim is to demystify the process as fully as possible.'

At the moment the service is available only if you're actually in the Audi Centre itself, but it's easy to imagine how such a system could be extended to the internet.

That way, owners could receive video of work being carried out and chat with technicians from home or work.

Fixed prices
Audi is also offering fixed prices for five key jobs, including:

• major and minor services at 249 and 99
• clutch replacement for 599 (or 799 in a four-wheel-drive model)
• brake-pad replacement for 99 (front), 99 (rear) or 229 for all four corners along with new discs
• wiper blade replacement at 39
• brake fluid change for 49
• cambelt replacement at 349

The fixed prices are available on the A3, A4, A6 and TT with engines up to 2.0-litres. Five-years of servicing, up to 50,000 miles, will also be available on the forthcoming A1 for just 250.