Best and worst small automatic cars 2019

Which small cars work best with an automatic gearbox? We name the best – and the worst...

05 January 2019
Small automatic cars
Volkswagen Polo

The Ibiza used to be significantly cheaper than the Polo, but that’s no longer the case following a recent price rise. And while the Ibiza remains more entertaining to drive, the Polo counters with a classier dashboard, a more comfortable ride and stronger resale values. Finally, it also feels more suited to an automatic gearbox thanks to its easygoing character.

And the small automatic cars to avoid...

Seat Mii/Skoda Citigo/Volkswagen Up

New Volkswagen Up vs Hyundai i10 vs Renault Twingo

The Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo and Volkswagen Up are so closely related that you can choose any of them and get one of the best city cars on sale – unless you specify an automatic gearbox, that is. The 'box in question is actually an automated manual that's jerky enough to ruin the driving experience and make your passengers feel car sick.