Bosch Navigation sat-nav app

* New sat-nav app from Bosch * Suggests maximum speed for corners * For iPhone and iPad devices...

Bosch Navigation sat-nav app

Bosch has released a new sat-nav app, with a host of features, including advice on how fast to take upcoming corners.

The app will be available through the Apple App store for users of the iPhone and iPad at a promotional price of 26.99, after which it will cost 44.99.

Key features include an 'intermediate destinations' function, which allows users to deviate from their planned route to take on fuel or refreshments, for example.

Perhaps more useful is the 'plus routes' tool, which offers real-time suggestions of alternative routes during navigation. The feature continuously searches for new routes that would save time or cut the distance to be travelled.

The app also includes a 'driver assistance' function, which calculates the severity of upcoming bends and offers a 'proposed' maximum speed at which they should be taken. Bosch says this is designed to help drivers 'avoid unwanted surprises and increase road safety'.

Drivers who are looking to cut costs and lessen their impact on the environment will appreciate the eco navigation settings, which help to plot a route that offers the best fuel efficiency for a particular type of vehicle.

There's also full integration with Facebook and Twitter, to help ensure your friends and family are kept fully up to date with your on-road experiences.

Sat-nav essentials such as a places of interest database, real-time traffic news and lane guidance are all included as standard.

The Bosch Navigation app can be purchased now through the Apple App store

Pete Barden