British 'plug-in' hybrid revealed

* New British hybrid goes on show * 'Plug-in' batteries and petrol engine * On sale late 2011 - CO2 emissions just 50g/km...

British 'plug-in' hybrid revealed

A new British manufacturer has revealed a 'plug-in' hybrid model that it plans to produce within two years.

The Axon Hybrid will be able to operate in full electric mode using a battery pack that can be recharged from the mains and with a petrol engine that can take over on longer journeys.

The British-developed Axon Hybrid will have two seats and decent space for luggage. The car will make use of recycled materials, including re-used carbonfibre for the door panels.

Just 50g/km of CO2
The company claims that taking into account the power station emissions when the vehicle is driven in full electric mode the car will be capable of emitting the equivalent of just 50g/km of CO2.

Axon's managing director, Steve Cousins, said: 'The car will go on sale at the end of 2011. Initially we'll be selling mainly to businesses, but we will also be selling the car directly to the public.'

Axon is planning to sell the car in other countries through localised production in small factories, too.
'In terms of cost, we're going to be competitive with full-electric vehicles, but we haven't set the final price yet,' said Cousins.