Brits abroad risk camera detector fines

* Camera detectors banned in 13 European countries * Owners face fines of 75 Euros * Detection equipment could be confiscated...

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David Motton
28 July 2008

Brits abroad risk camera detector fines

British drivers on holiday abroad could be fined if they use speed camera-detection equipment.

According to research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), speed camera detectors are banned in 13 countries across Europe, including Austia, France and Italy. These devices scan for radar or laser signals; which give away the presence of a camera or speed gun.

Seven countries, including Ireland, Germany and Switzerland, also prohibit the speed camera-location function on sat-navs. Sat-navs fitted with this feature list fixed-camera locations as a point of interest. This function can usually be switched off to avoid falling foul of the law.

Penalties vary from country to country, but drivers in Germany could face a fine of 75 Euros. In Switzerland or Ireland, your sat-nav could be confiscated.

The director of the IAM Motoring Trust, Neil Greig, said: 'There have been incidents when camera detectors have been literally ripped out by local police. The best thing to do is check if detectors are permitted in the country you plan to visit or simply don't take one with you.'