Built for comfort

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19 January 2009

Built for comfort

Built for comfort
There are effectively three different suspensions for the new E-Class a base system for business-targeted SE models, a lowered set-up on Avantgarde and Sport versions, and air springs with electronic damping for the E500 (optional with the two V6s).

All have adaptive damping that adjusts itself to give more suppleness when travelling in a straight line and firmer control when changing direction.

The seats incorporate padded piping using an exclusive-to-Mercedes complex upholstery technique that involves putting an additional foam filling beneath the cloth or leather.

The two-stage front-seat massage function introduced on the S-Class gravitates to the E-Class as an option.

You can also have triple-zone climate control that gives the two front passengers and people in the rear freedom to adjust airflow just how they like it.