Buying a car

Buying a car

Name Matt Purdue
Subject Timing is everything
When buying a car, try going to the dealership at the beginning to middle of the week. This way, you can expect the salesman's full attention.

Because it's quiet, it's easier to haggle over the price and get little extras such as mats or a free service thrown in.

These deals aren't usually available at the weekend, because the salesman is very busy and can become flustered. Instead, you can catch them when they're more inclined to do the deal.

Name Darren Roberts
Subject Dealing with car salesmen
Don't always believe what the salesman tells you. A bit of research about pricing, optional extras and finance deals can be invaluable.

If the salesman can see that you know what you're talking about, you'll be able to get a better deal when you're haggling.

Name David Springett
Subject New vs nearly new
It makes more sense to buy a car that's six or 12 months old. Someone else will have taken the initial hit on depreciation if you go for a nearly new car.

Leave your new-plate ego at home and it'll be kinder to your bank account.

Name Wayne Copeland
Subject Car buying
If you are looking to buy a used car, I don't think you should compromise by considering a car with less-than-sound bodywork.

You can replace a dodgy engine easily, but if the bodywork is rusty, then really the car is scrap. You could spend your life just trying to sort a car's bodywork.

Name Chris Cooke
Subject Internet brokers
I bought a brand new Ford Focus through a broker and saved more than 500 on the list price.

It's just a very easy and pleasant way to buy a new car without the pressure of having to go sit in front of a salesperson and go through the whole process of haggling over the price.

Name Alex Shilton
Subject Buying new
Don't let a salesman try to pressurise you when buying a new car. A successful salesman will often try to close the deal before you're totally convinced, and it's easy to shake hands and regret it later.

If you feel pressurised at any point, get some space to cool off. Walk away and think things through before agreeing. The car will still be for sale if you decide to buy it.