Can you help me find a higher driving po

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Will Nightingale
25 January 2008

Can you help me find a higher driving po

Q: I drive a Ford Focus, but am looking for something of a similar size with a higher driving position. Any ideas?
Tina Heath

A: There are some similar-sized cars that have loftier driving positions. Probably the best is the Nissan Qashqai. It has the looks of a small 4x4, but is great on the road, practical and excellent value for money.

Prices start at 13,699 (13,023 if you're prepared to haggle) for the 1.6 Visia 2WD. It's our favourite model and comes with plenty of kit, including air-conditioning, four electric windows, a CD player and curtain airbags.

Other options around the same price as a Focus include the Mercedes A-Class and small MPVs, such as the Ford C-Max.

The Mercedes offers a bit more prestige from 13,892, but the base models aren't well equipped, and the A-Class doesn't offer the same value for money as the Nissan.

If you'll make use of some extra space and versatility, the Ford C-Max is worth a look. Prices start at 12,995, but you'll get a fair amount off that price if you haggle.