CarPlan Wonder Wheels Professional Wheel

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Emma Butcher
05 September 2011

CarPlan Wonder Wheels Professional Wheel

Best Price7.99 (Halfords)
ForExcellent results for little elbow grease
AgainstNot a lot, although it didnt come with protective gloves


Unlike the other products we tested, this solution is painted on using the brush supplied. We were surprised by how quick it was to apply, compared with a spray: the solution glided on effortlessly and there was no need for heavy scrubbing.


Its not called Wonder Wheels for nothing. The results were immediate: brake dust lifted off effortlessly, although we had to apply a little more pressure to deal with heavier soiling. There was some smearing after rinsing but a light sweep with a sponge dealt with this easily.


Its good to know that great results can come at a reasonable price. This was by no means the most expensive product we tested, and a reusable brush is included in the kit.