Celebs a bad influence on young drivers

* Speeding celebrities slammed * Poll calls for night-time ban for teens * and small-capacity engine limit...

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What Car? Staff
03 September 2010

Celebs a bad influence on young drivers

Reckless celebrities are setting a bad example to young drivers, according to a new report.

The Autoglass survey claims the increasing amount of celebrities and sports stars such as England footballers Ashley Cole and Joe Cole being brought before the court to answer speeding charges is having a negative effect on young drivers who look upon them as role models.

There was more bad news for younger drivers, with 68% of those questioned calling for tougher penalties for those caught speeding. Half of respondents also want young drivers who break motoring laws to be forced to retake their driving test.

Other results of the survey included:

• 32% wanted an instant ban for young drivers who break the law
• 67% said teens should be restricted to small-capacity engines
• 60% wanted youngsters to display a P-plate for 12 months after passing their test
• 23% called for a night-time ban on young drivers