Cheryl Cole is our dream passenger

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Cheryl Cole is our dream passenger

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is the nation's favourite fantasy car passenger, according to a new poll by Bridgestone Tyres.

Cheryl topped the poll with 44% of votes, followed by Angelina Jolie with 35%.

What women want
It seems women prefer brains to beauty, with 42% choosing Stephen Fry over David Beckham, who scored 22% of the vote, followed by Brad Pitt with 18%.

So, can we surmise that men are looking for singing tips from the passenger seat, while women are in search of witty banter while they drive?

Driving: recession-proof?
Three-quarters of the 4000 people surveyed said that the recession had not affected their driving habits. However, 16% said they were driving less, while 4% said they'd sold their vehicle as a result of the economic downturn.

Andy Dingley, senior analyst at Bridgestone, said: 'We are so attached to our cars that it would take more than a credit crunch for us to change our driving habits.'