Compact 4x4

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What Car? Staff
19 June 2008

Compact 4x4

1st: Volkswagen Tiguan
Price from 19,380
Theft of
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Every winner in the compact 4x4 class is a new entry and it's the Tiguan that's streets ahead of its rivals.

Locks, alarms, key security and stereo are all top-notch, while storage areas are also secure.

As with most cars in this survey, it would be easy for Volkswagen to get an even better score by etching the windows with vehicle identification, and the number of marked parts could also be increased.

2nd: Chevrolet Captiva
Price from 16,995
A strong score and a massive improvement over other Chevrolets. The Captiva's coded (but not unique) stereo and a less-secure steering lock put it in second.

3rd: Mazda CX-7
Price 24,595
This is a decent result for the Mazda but, like other cars from the manufacturer, it loses points on stereo security, while the alarm doesn't have a tilt sensor.