Drivers go to pieces in extreme weather

* A third of drivers admit losing control of their car * One in five ignore severe weather warnings * Ice is the most intimidating weather condition...

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Jim Holder
21 January 2008

Drivers go to pieces in extreme weather

British drivers go to pieces when faced with extreme weather conditions, a study has revealed.

According to the research by Mercedes-Benz World, we have become a nation of nervous drivers, lacking the skills and experience to deal with skids, floods and snow.

Three quarters of drivers admitted to lacking confidence on the road when the weather closes in, and a shocking 31% confessed to losing control of their car in bad weather.

When it comes to intimidating weather, ice was top of the list, making nearly 60% of Brits nervous about driving. Fog was second, wracking the nerves of nearly half of all drivers.

Despite these fears, 18% of drivers said they often ignore severe weather warnings and take to the road regardless.