Driving playlists made easy

* Website offers route planner and playlist * Find the perfect music for every journey * Download to your iPod, plug in and drive...

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What Car? Staff
21 August 2008

Driving playlists made easy

If you're bored of listening to the same old tunes every time you get into the car, here's an idea: audio expert harman/kardon has launched a new service offering tailored music playlists to accompany your journey.

The website, www.amplifiedjourneys.hk, will plan your route and select music that matches your taste and mood. Once your bespoke playlist has been calculated you can export it to iTunes and buy the music.

Each playlist is timed to play for the length of the journey and the choice of tunes is based on traffic directions, landmarks and band information. So for example if your journey takes in Hunter Street, and you're a fan of cheesy pop, you might find Barry Gibb's The Hunter on the list.

If a particular song on the list is one you hate, you can edit it online. And if it's not always clear why a certain song has been selected, you can find out.

Sometimes it's a touch tenuous: passing Fairfield Arts Centre inspires the choice of Roxette's Centre of the Heart, for example, but it's a brilliant way to expand your musical boundaries!

Find out more at www.amplifiedjourneys.hk, where you can explore the different playlists created for each journey alongside the directions.