Dutch road charge experts visit UK

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07 January 2009

Dutch road charge experts visit UK

Dutch officials behind Holland's proposed pay-as-you-go road-pricing scheme have been invited to meet Britain's Parliamentary Transport Committee.

The committee is currently conducting a study into the whole issue of taxes and charges on motorists.

The meeting planned for February 11, signals that national road pricing is confirmed as one of the options being considered for the UK.

The Dutch scheme proposes a nation-wide pay-per-kilometre system, which takes into account the type of car being driven, the time of day, and the road being used.

In return, charges such as fuel duty and road tax would be abolished. Any profits from the scheme would then be re-invested in the transport infrastructure.

The ANWB, Holland's equivalent of the AA, supports the plan and claims it would reduce congestion and ensure that the high number of foreign vehicles passing through Holland pay towards maintaining the country's roads.

However, the AA is opposed to any such system being introduced in the UK.

The AA's president, Edmund King, revealed that a survey by his organisation showed that 86% of drivers do not trust the Government to deliver a fair system that would balance road charges with taxation cuts in other areas.

King said: 'The AA would only support road pricing in the UK if it was overseen by an independent body.'