EDAG Phantom Vision of Comfort

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What Car? Staff
04 March 2008

EDAG Phantom Vision of Comfort

Not finding your Rolls-Royce Phantom comfortable enough? Perhaps your elegant hat keeps toppling off as you bend over to exit the car, or your designer clothes restrict your movement and cause undignified scenes as you slide across to the pavement.

Thank goodness help is at hand. The Vision of Comfort car features an articulated roof panel to allow chauffeured passengers to enter and leave the car while remaining in an upright position.

The company behind it, EDAG, says that its panel has been created without compromising the Phantom's structural rigidity, interior or exterior design, or sound-proofing.

But before we get too sniffy about how many luxury extras some people need, it's worth pointing out that EDAG plans to use the system on more humble vehicles to aid access for wheelchair users and the elderly.