Eightsome reel

* Porsche driving experience * Ice driving in Arctic Finland * Porsche-run course...

Eightsome reel

Then it's on to the big figure of eight, where we're encouraged to get the car drifting sideways and then flick it back the other way for a big slide in the other direction it's huge fun and very addictive.

The most common call from the ever-patient Tobias on the radio is 'gas, gas, gas', so either people are being too gentle with the throttle or he's a huge Stones fan.

Before long, it's time for lunch in the log cabin Porsche has constructed a hundred yards or so from the edge of the lake.

An open fire and warming soups and stews await, which is great because it's -15C outside. It's also a welcome time to let the adrenaline subside, and to gather thoughts about the morning's escapades. The cabin is a hubbub of excited voices, all swapping tales of big spins, big saves and big fun.

After lunch it's back down onto the lake (still feels a bit odd) in the Panamera 4S and ready for the next exercises, which consist of more slaloms, but with wider corners and greater speed. All of the lessons we've learned in the morning start to come together, and everyone is really starting to get the hang of it.

After an hour or so of driving while looking through the side window, it's time for another tea break, and then we're on to the final exercise of the day the widest, fastest slalom of all, in the Panamera Turbo.

Now we're carrying real speed around parts of the course, but having to wipe off plenty of it for the tight hairpins it's a bit daunting at first, and a couple of people go off in a big way; the action is halted while one Turbo requires shovels and then two Cayennes to drag it out of the snow bank.