FR-V replacement likely to a hybrid

* Small MPV being evaluated * Based on Skydeck concept * Six-seater, in three rows of two...

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16 September 2010

FR-V replacement likely to a hybrid

A new Honda small MPV is being evaluated, and it's likely to be sold as a hybrid.

The new car will sit where the FR-V used to be in Honda's range. The FR-V was discontinued in 2009.

The new car is likely to be based on the Honda Skydeck concept, which was shown at the 2009 Tokyo motor show.

Like the FR-V, the Skydeck is a six-seater, but with three rows of two seats rather than two of three.

At just over 4.6 metres long, Skydeck is slightly shorter than the Accord saloon, but it is taller and has a longer wheelbase. It is not based on any existing Honda platform.

The Skydeck wasn't presented with a powertrain, but reports suggested the long, high central tunnel could be used to store the Honda IMA hybrid system, as used in its Insight and Jazz hybrids, or hydrogen fuel cell technology.

• Honda has ruled out Acura - the brand sold in the USA that's a little like what Infiniti is to Nissan - being sold in the UK.