Garage standards: what's your story?

* Does your garage give good service? * Or is it shamefully shoddy? * We want to know...

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Will Nightingale
23 July 2008

Garage standards: what's your story?

Have you been the victim of shoddy workmanship? Have you paid over the odds for a service, or had to wait weeks for a repair?

Maybe your local garage is as good as gold. Either way, we'd like to know.

What Car? is investigating the standards of garages across the UK, and we're looking for readers who have either been particularly impressed or appalled with their repairs or servicing.

All you need to do is to jot down a few details of your experience in an e-mail, attach a good-quality digital photo of yourself and send it to []( standards)

Don't forget to include your full name, age and the make and model of your car.

The best e-mails will be featured in the October issue of What Car?.