Garages: How not to get ripped off

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Garages: How not to get ripped off

UK motorists shell out 10 billion every year on servicing and repairs to their cars, so there is plenty of temptation for unscrupulous garages to try to rip people off, and plenty of motivation for you to find a garage that won't.

The Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair aims to do just that, by helping motorists indentify responsible garages. Garages that sign up to the Code promise to:

• Agree required work with you and check before starting additional jobs
• Set a clear price/payment method and won't change these without checking with you
• Encourage technicians to discuss work required in a straightforward way
• Not charge for small/easy jobs
• Contact you after a few days to ensure you're totally satisfied
• Collect customer feedback and act on it to make improvements
• Treat any complaint as an opportunity to restore satisfaction
• Leave you feeling well treated and happy to return
• Offer you a loyalty bonus or reward

Motor Codes also operates an advice line (0800 692 0825) that provides free conciliation and can initiate independent arbitration if you have an issue with your garage. Go to to find your nearest garage that's signed up to the Code.