GI knowledge

GI knowledge

Ready for a bit of nutrition science? Then read on...

For long drives, foods with a low or moderate Glycaemic Index will provide a steady rise in your blood sugar levels, giving a sustained release of concentration-boosting energy.

If youre making a short trip, on the other hand, then a high GI food is great for a quick energy boost.

A number of foods now have labels showing their GI levels, so take a look.

High-GI Foods
Rice Krispies, cornflakes, bagels, white bread, rice, pizza, potatoes (baked, mashed), chips, fizzy drinks (non-diet), raisins, chocolate bars.

Moderate-GI Foods
All-Bran, muesli, porridge, noodles, spaghetti, pitta bread, digestive biscuits, potatoes (boiled), peas, carrots, baked beans, grapes, banana, orange, fruit juice.

Low-GI Foods
Apples, dried apricots, kidney beans, lentils, milk, low-fat yoghurt, peanuts.