Honda's new hybrid to cost from 14k

* Honda aims for 14k price * Launched next year * Aims for 200,000 sales...

Honda's new hybrid to cost from 14k

Honda's new hybrid family car is expected to cost from 14,000 when it is launched next year.

Although the car still has no name, Honda has pledged that it will make hybrid motoring more affordable than ever before.

Company officials have refused to confirm what the car will cost, but 14,000 is believed to be a realistic target.

'We want to put the new Global Hybrid at the centre of our range, and the key facet of the car is going to be affordability,' said a spokesman.

'Since 1999, Honda has sold 270,000 hybrids globally. With this new car alone, we are targeting annual sales of 200,000 models. That gives you an impression of just how far we think we can bring hybrids into people's range.'

At present, the Honda Civic hybrid costs from 16,600 and the Toyota Prius hybrid from 17,782.