Intelligent Speed Adaption

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What Car? Staff
01 January 2009

Intelligent Speed Adaption

Intelligent Speed Adaption

The system in question is called Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA), and could encompass anything from audible and visual speed-limit alerts to the driver like those available in the new BMW 7 Series and the Vauxhall Insignia to a speed governor in the car.

It would probably work through a global positioning satellite (GPS) operating in conjunction with digital mapping.

There's no suggestion such a system should be made compulsory.

'We would never compel people to have ISA,' the DfT told us. 'It would always be for the driver to decide.'

However, the authors of the two reports support a stronger approach.

They want a switchable ISA system fitted to all cars, with drivers free to choose whether to use it.

Their argument is that while the UK has some of the safest roads in the world fatality records released last year were the best since 1926 further improvements, if we carry on as we are, will be 10-12% at best.

With 100% use of ISA, road casualties could fall by as much as 29%, particularly in urban areas, they say.