Is my car too rubbish for scrappage?

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Is my car too rubbish for scrappage?
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What Car? Staff
11 Jan 2010 16:16

**Q) I own an old Citroen, but I want to buy a new car through the scrappage scheme. Can I choose any make of car, or does it have to be another Citroen? Ideally, I would like a new Vauxhall Corsa.

Also, although my Citroen qualifies for the scrappage scheme, the head gasket has just blown, so I'd need to have it towed to the dealership. Is this within the rules?

Claire Davies**

AYou'll need to be quick, because the scrappage scheme ends on February 28. However, there's no need to buy another Citroen all the major manufacturers have signed up to the scrappage scheme, so you have the choice of just about any new car.

There's no requirement for your old car to be in running order, either. It simply needs to meet the following criteria at the time you place the order:

• It must have been registered in the UK on, or before, February 29, 2000
• It must have be registered in your name for (at least) the past 12 months
• It must be insured
• It must weigh no more than 3500kgs
• It must have a current MoT certificate and valid tax disc (cars will still qualify if either has expired in the previous 14 days)