It's the taking apart that counts

* Renault buys car dismantling firm * Plan is to improve Renault's recycling efforts * Manufacturers obliged to recycle old cars...

27 June 2008

It's the taking apart that counts

As well as putting cars together, Renault is now becoming the first manufacturer in the world to go into the business of taking them apart.

In an attempt to meet European targets to recycle 95% of a car by 2015, Renault is aiming to take over Indra, a company with 20 years experience of dismantling cars and shredding their plastics.

Renault hopes the acquisition will help to improve its already impressive record - the latest Laguna uses recycled material for 17% of its plastics, for example.

Every manufacturer has a legal responsibility to take back, dismantle and recycle or dispose of every nut and bolt of a car, but Renault is the first to want a share in the companies that do it.

Currently, manufacturers have to recycle at least 85% of a car without it costing the last owner a penny, so walk away from anyone that charges you to take you old motor away.

There are 1000 Authorised Treatment Facilities in the UK, so get in touch with your car's manufacturer to find out where your nearest one is.