Land Rover - Renault

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Land Rover - Renault

32nd out of 32

Last years position 30th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 53%
Average repair cost 412
Star model Freelander (03-06)
Land Rover appears doomed to remain last in our survey, having been bottom for the past eight years. The Range Rover (02-) edged out the Discovery (98-04) to record Land Rovers worst result, with 59 out of 100 cars failing. The Range Rover also recorded the highest repair bill, at 7126. Even the Freelander (03-06) could muster only two stars.

4th out of 32

Last years position 5th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 13%
Average repair cost 403
Star model IS200 (99-06) u
Not only has Lexus improved its overall position from last year, but the percentage of failures has also fallen by 6%. The IS200 (99-06) produced a solid five-star rating, with just 10 cars per 100 failing, as did the RX300 (03-09) at 14 per 100. The SC430 was the worst performer, with 44 cars per 100 requiring repairs.

6th out of 32

Last years position 2nd out of 30
Cars needing repair work 17%
Average repair cost 481
Star model Premacy (99-04)
Mazda has one of the highest average repair bills in our reliability survey second only to Porsche. The biggest single cause of problems was the electrics, which accounted for more than 28% of faults. The Premacy MPV (99-04) was closely followed by the MX-5 (98-05), with failure rates of two cars per 100 and five cars per 100 respectively. The RX-8 (03-) and MPV (99-04) were the worst models, with four-star ratings.

22nd out of 32

Last years position 18th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 28%
Average repair cost 445
Star model SLK (96-04)
The only two Mercs to earn five stars for reliability were different generations of the same car: the SLK, from 96-04 and the current model. The worst offender was the elderly SL (89-02), which recorded 55 problems per 100 cars. The luxury S-Class also suffered, with 48 cars per 100 in need of attention.

28th out of 32

Last years position 21st out of 30
Cars needing repair work 36%
Average repair cost 379
Star model TF (02-05)
MG has gradually slipped down our reliability ratings over the years. The TF (02-05) was the highest-placed model, with 26 failures per 100 cars. Just over 30% of faults were caused by the cars electrics, with a further 27% down to engine issues. Unlike other manufacturers, MGs dont suffer many axle and suspension issues, but the average cost of repairing an MG is high and the cost and time taken to repair an MG are above average, too.

Mini Convertibles performed better than all of the hard-top versionsMINI
10th out of 32

Last years position 8th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 23%
Average repair cost 317
Star model One Convertible (04-08)
The Mini One Convertible (04-08) and the Mini Cooper Convertible (04-08) produced better reliability scores than the hard-top versions, and received a full five stars. Mini was another brand to suffer a high proportion of electrical faults, along with axle and suspension problems. However, issues with air-con systems are almost unheard of.

3rd out of 32

Last years position 4th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 12%
Average repair cost 460
Star model Colt (04-)
Mitsubishi has beaten reliability stalwarts Toyota and Lexus to the bronze medal in this years survey. The Colt (04-) is its best performer, with only five faults per 100 cars, while the Shogun (00-07) wasnt far behind at 10 faults per 100. Problems with the fuel system accounted for 27% of all Mitsubishi faults and the average cost of repair was one of the highest overall.

7th out of 32

Last years position 6th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 20%
Average repair cost 357
Star model 350Z (03-09)
The 350Z coup was Nissans most reliable model, with just 12 faults per 100 cars. The Micra (98-02) was a close second, with 13 faults per 100 cars, and the newer Micra (02-) wasnt far behind with 17 per 100. When things did go wrong, the average repair bill weighed in at 700 (with the highest claim over 3600). The Primera (99-02) was the least dependable, with 23 failures per 100.

26th out of 32

Last years position 11th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 32%
Average repair cost 283
Star model 106 (96-04)
Peugeot has plummeted to sit among the reliability bad boys this year. Its best model, the 106 (96-04), managed a full five stars, but the rest of the range didnt fare as well. The 206 CC (00-07), 406 (99-04) and 806 (98-02) delivered four-star results, but the 407 (04-) and 607 (00-08) had only two stars. In its defence, Peugeot had one of the highest annual mileages in this years supertest.

15th out of 32

Last years position 17th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 26%
Average repair cost 717
Star model Boxster (04-)
Porsche has managed to pull itself into the top half of the reliability league, but its still not impressive for a prestige marque. It had the highest average repair bill and the highest average labour rate. It was nip and tuck between the older Boxster (96-04) and the newer model (04-) for reliability, but on average the older car cost 400 more to repair.

30th out of 32

Last years position 29th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 45%
Average repair cost 227
Star model Clio (05-09)
The humble Clio (05-09) turned in Renaults best performance, with 20 cars per 100 requiring attention. Unfortunately this was a long way ahead of the rest of the range, as the next-closest car was the older Clio
(98-05) with 32 faults per 100 cars. The majority of models score just one out of five for reliability; electrical gremlins accounted for 43% of failures.