Large 4x4

Large 4x4

1st: Toyota Land Cruiser V8
Price 56,100
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A new entry and a dominant victory for the Land Cruiser. The stereo isn't coded to each particular car, but the Toyota's features still earn it a double five-star rating that's clearly ahead of rivals.

Laminated glazing is fitted to every car in the range, which helps the Toyota's cause, but the shielding around locks, as well as the alarm and immobiliser, are all excellent as well.

2nd: Audi Q7
Price from 38,830
The Q7 drops behind the Toyota because it doesn't have laminated glass as standard, and the vehicle identification marking isn't as good.

3rd: Volkswagen Touareg
Price from 29,985
Identification marking is the Touareg's slight Achilles' heel, which performs very strongly otherwise and just pips the Volvo XC90 to third place.