Leasing: the essential checklist

* Avoid the hit of depreciation... * ...just be sure to read the small print * Follow our guide to leasing a car...

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What Car? Staff
23 December 2011

Leasing: the essential checklist

Don't lease a car until you've run through this checklist.

• Do plenty of research to find the best deal and a legitimate leasing company. Find accredited firms at www.bvrla.co.uk and www.fla.org.uk.

• Choose a car with good resale values to counter the cost of depreciation to the lessor. This should mean lower repayments than a car with low residuals.

• When agreeing your mileage limit, be realistic about how far you expect to travel. Youll be charged a penalty fee for every excess mile driven.

• Read the lease terms and conditions carefully before you sign.

• Look after the car as if it were your own. Clean it regularly and check for damage.

• Get any damage to the bodywork repaired as soon as you spot it to prevent more damaging corrosion.

• Keep and make copies of all service records, MoT documentation and receipts, particularly for replacement parts.

• Before you hand the car back, get it independently inspected (the AA or RAC can help) and have any damage repaired.