Logik L7SPDVD11

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Logik L7SPDVD11

Logik L7SPDVD11
Cost: 59.99
Get it here: Currys.co.uk

Features The Logik L7SPDVD11 is budget, single-unit DVD player that has a seven-inch screen and is compatible with CD, DVD, MP3, MMC, JPEG and 3D formats. It also has an SD memory card slot, and USB connectivity. The unit is supplied with earplug-type headphones, a 12V and mains power adaptor, and remote control. It also has in-built rechargeable battery pack, and a 360-degree swivel screen.

Mounting system? No. However, the 360-degree swivel screen means that it can be combined with aftermarket mounts such as this.

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Ease of use: Set-up and installation for in-car viewing should be easy depending on the mounting kit you buy. As with all of the units, the power cable and headphones can create a trip risk, but the single-screen set-up is less of a problem than with twin players. The remote control is not as responsive as some, but is perfectly adequate and easy to master. The lack of a carry case is not ideal, but the swivelling screen means the screen can be protected from harm unlike some other units that leave it exposed.

Performance: Viewing quality is on a par with most of the units with seven-inch screens, while sound quality and volume are able to compete with wind- and road noise at motorway speeds providing the headphones are used. There's easy adjustment to dim or brighten the screen.

What Car? says This is a budget unit, but it has some useful features that are missing on other players. The USB connectivity opens it up to a host of additional media, with videos, photos and music files all supported. These additional media channels should make it more suitable for teenagers and older passengers who have more sophisticated content requirements. However, the lack of a mounting system cannot be ignored, even though it should be relatively easy and cheap to buy one. Other gripes include the absence of a carrying case, and the lack of a last-played memory function, should the machine get switched off mid-movie. Not the best DVD player we've tested, but certainly not the worst option for in-car entertainment. All this at a price that's hard to fault even if you'll need to buy a separate car mount.