Audi takes the overall manufacturer award for the third year in a row.

The reason? More than any other car maker, Audi applies the same high levels of security across whole families of cars, not just to specific models.

While Citroen (which won four awards) is able to pick off category wins with well-equipped, range-topping models, Audi takes this coveted prize for its even-handed work.

Even if you can only stretch to an entry-level Audi, you know that it will roll out of the company's factories with the same whizz-bang locks, alarms, parts marking, keys and immobilisers as the most expensive and lavish model from the same range.

This doesn't apply to just a couple of model ranges either - no fewer than eight of the manufacturer's line-ups benefit from this egalitarian approach.

Volkswagen and Mazda are in highly creditable second and third positions, but Audi streaks ahead and still manages to scoop three category awards at the same time. Very impressive.