Merc driver faces 650k speeding fine

* SLS driving at 186mph * 2166 a day fine for 300 days * Eclipses 182k fine in January...

Merc driver faces 650k speeding fine

A Swedish driver is facing a record-breaking 650,000 speeding ticket after being clocked at more than 186mph in Switzerland.

Speeding fines are calculated by taking into account the income of the motorist and the speed at which they were driving.

According to prosecutors, he is now facing the highest possible penalty of 300 days of fines at 2166 a day a total of 650,000.

The driver was behind the wheel of a 160,000, 197mph Mercedes-Benz SLS on the A12 motorway between Bern and Lausanne on Friday.

Too fast to pay
However, the driver might consider himself fortunate to not be in more trouble, because Swiss prosecutors revealed he could well have been caught by many other speed cameras on the route had he not been driving beyond the speed they operate. Old-style Swiss radar devices do not operate above 125mph.

Previous record fine
The 650,000 fine is thought to be the world's largest. In January, a Ferrari driver was fined 182,000 after being caught driving at 85mph in a 50mph zone - again in Switzerland.