More power and equipment

* Price from: 35,650 * On sale: Sold out * 345bhp; 0-62mph 5.6seconds...

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What Car? Staff
16 May 2010

More power and equipment

The RS500 uses the same 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged engine as the standard Focus RS, but power has been boosted by 45bhp to a massive 345bhp.

Ford achieved the hike by fitting a larger intercooler and air-induction kit, an uprated fuel pump, a fatter exhaust downpipe and by fine-tuning the engine management software.

The extra 8755 over the standard Focus RS gets you a few creature comforts, too. Dual-zone climate control, a heated windscreen, rear parking sensors, automatic headlights and wipers, and a six-CD changer have all been added as standard. If you still have cash burning a hole in your pocket, you can add a touch-screen DVD-based sat-nav.