More powerful Tesla Model S and Model X models confirmed

The all-electric Tesla Model S saloon and Model X SUV will get more power and increased range thanks to new P100D versions...

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Darren Moss
24 August 2016

Tesla, the US-based manufacturer of high-end all-electric cars including the Model S saloon and Model X SUV, has confirmed that it will soon be offering more powerful P100D verisions of both its core models, giving buyers more real-world range.

The extra range - which comes thanks to a larger 100kWh battery pack - gives the Model S P100D a range of 381 miles under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) tests, although those results have yet to be confirmed. By comparison, the entry-level Model S P60D has a claimed range of 267 miles, and the current range-topping P90D version can travel up to 357 miles on a single charge.

More powerful Tesla Model S and Model X models confirmed

The Model X, meanwhile, will be able to travel an anticipated 330 miles. So-called 'range anxiety' - the fear of running out of electricity mid-way through a journey - is still a major barrier for buyers when it comes to electric cars.

If you're interested in straight line performance, then the Model S P100D will be capable of reaching 60mph from a standing start in 2.5sec - making it the quickest new car currently on sale. The Model X will be capable of the same feat in 2.9sec.

While UK pricing for both models is yet to be confirmed, customers in the US who already have P90D versions of both cars on order are bring offered the chance to upgrade for around £7500. The Model S currently has a list price of £53,400, while the Model X is priced from £64,100.

More powerful Tesla Model S and Model X models confirmed

The Model S and the Model X are two of the most desirable electric cars around, but their high cost price means that Tesla has yet to compete in the mass market, where more affordable electric models like the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe are slowly gathering momentum. Tesla's most affordable model, the Model 3, as yet doesn't have a P100D option, but the company is expected to add it in the near future.

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