MPs attack biofuel policy

  • Environmental Audit Committee makes plea
  • Calls for suspension of current policy
  • Gordon Brown acknowledges problems
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An article image
An article image

An influential group of MPs has urged the Government to suspend biofuel regulations with immediate effect.

The Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation was only introduced last month and compels fuel suppliers to include 2.5% biofuels in petrol and diesel sold on forecourts to be suspended.

However, the Environmental Audit Committee wants it to be suspended.

Last month, Prime Minister Gordon Brown conceded that the Government's biofuel policy may have to be rethought pending results from an investigation into their impact on global food prices and the environment.

The Committee said it wants more research to be done into the effects of biofuels on food prices and on the environment.

Its report, Are Biofuels Sustainable?, says: 'Without standards for sustainability and safeguards to protect carbon sinks [forests], we believe that policies that encourage demand for first-generation biofuels are damaging.'