Mum's a better driver than Dad, kids say

* 60% of children happier with Mum driving * Children don't like dads' aggression * Mums have nicer cars, too...

Mum's a better driver than Dad, kids say

Children feel safer when their mum is driving, according to a survey by breakdown cover organisation GEM Motoring Assist.

The survey polled 1279 children aged five to 16, and found that 60% of them feel happier and more relaxed when Mum is behind the wheel.

Dads drive too fast, are more aggressive and lose their tempers quickly when driving, according to the children polled.

In fact, 83% of those polled believe their dad drives at high speeds, and 35% of children say they feel nervous when he loses his temper.

According to the survey, dads are also more likely to weave in and out of traffic, and change lanes at high speed to avoid getting stuck in a jam.

Mum's the word
are less likely to suffer from road rage, don't dodge in and out of traffic, are more considerate to other drivers and, say their children, have nicer cars.

In addition, 70% say their mums happily sing while driving, and 52% say they talk constantly to keep the family entertained.

Mums are also more likely to drive at a reasonable speed.