Murray and Zytek to build T.27 prototype

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What Car? Staff
05 November 2009

Murray and Zytek to build T.27 prototype

The T.27 is a revolutionary and cheap three-seater zero-emissions car, which could put the UK at the forefront of electric-vehicle development and manufacturing.

Gordon Murray's company will design the car, while the powertrain will come from Zytek Engineering.

Zytek started out making engine and chassis management systems for motorsport teams and high-performance road cars, but has since moved into the development of hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

Murray envisages several different body styles based on the T.27, and believes it could also support hybrid and range-extender (electric motor plus a small engine acting as a generator) powertrains.

Based on the top-secret T.25
The T.27 will be loosely based on the T25, an innovative and still-secret low-cost (6000) petrol-engined urban car created by Murray's Gordon Murray Design company.

The T25 is an 80mpg, that emits 88g/km car powered by a 660cc, three-cylinder 51bhp engine. It has a lightweight chassis wrapped in body panels made from recycled plastic bottles, so it weighs just 550 kilos. Even the electric version is likely to weigh just 700 kilos.

At just 2.4 metres long, the T25 has a similar three-seater layout to the McLaren F1 supercar, another of Murray's creations. The driver sits in the centre, with passengers on either side but a little way behind.

Twenty-three companies, including nine well-known manufacturers, are considering the possibility of making the T25, or adopting the unique assembly system Murray has devised for it.