New car finance comparison website

* Site compares all types of finance * unlike current sites * Buyers can purchase online...

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What Car? Staff
11 August 2010

New car finance comparison website

Car buyers can now check out all types of car finance options on one new and unique comparison website.

The new site,, differs from current comparison sites because it compares finance prices based on more than just car loans. claims to fill a 11.5 billion gap left in the car finance market, by instantly comparing prices of car loans, hire purchase and car leasing agreements.

Customers using the new comparison site can select their car of choice by make and model, budget, or by car type. The site will then give them the cheapest monthly price to fund that car.

Along with finding the cheapest finance deal, buyers can also choose insurance and complete an online credit check and arrange delivery of the car.

Founder Mark Peatey said: 'Our product fills a huge gap in a massive market. There are many different and confusing products and until now there has been no way for people to compare all monthly finance prices for each individual car.

'We democratise car shopping by putting all the finance options and their prices for any selected car in one place for the first time.'