New Ineos Fusilier electric SUV gets 249-mile range

New electric SUV will mix green credentials with off-road ability – here's everything you need to know...

2026 Ineos Fusilier front yellow

On sale 2027 Price from £90,000(est)

As more tourists warm up to the idea of climate change and the need to make sustainable holiday choices, the business of eco-adventuring is booming. Indeed, whether it’s trekking through protected woodland or off-setting any carbon from your travel, adventurers can now trek consciously. And for the sustainable safari of the near future, the new Ineos Fusilier could be a worthy companion – even if your safari only takes you to the local high street.

This new electric SUV is intended to offer off-road capability to match the hardiest 4x4s, and will count the upcoming all-electric Jeep Recon, Land Rover Defender Sport and Mercedes EQG among its key rivals.

Ineos Fusilier rear

Slightly shorter and lower than its Ineos Grenadier sibling, the Fusilier sports the same rugged look, with rounded LED headlights, extra lights included as part of the front grille, a boxy shape which should make for good visibility, and roof rails to lash your tent – or luggage – to.

Few technical details around the Fusilier have been revealed, but the car’s engineering team are targeting an official range of 249 miles. That’s the same distance as the current Jeep Avenger can take you from its 50.8kWh battery, and is competitive with what Land Rover is targeting from its electric Defender Sport. Expect the Mercedes EQG, with its 100kWh battery, to go significantly further.

Ineos Fusilier front

Recognising that electric car chargers aren’t always prevalent away from the Tarmac, the Fusilier will be offered as a range-extender as well as a fully electric model. In the former guise, a small petrol engine will act as a generator for the car’s battery, allowing you to keep going but never directly powering the wheels.

Like the Grenadier, the Fusilier will come with standard four-wheel drive, and a range of driving assistance features geared towards different terrain. 

Ineos Grenadier interior dashboard

While we’re yet to see inside the Fusilier, teaser videos of the car have hinted that the five-seat SUV will have a slightly more modern approach than the Grenadier (pitured above), with a larger digital instrument cluster and infotainment touchscreen. We were impressed by the lightning-fast responses of the Grenadier’s 12.3in screen, and that you can control it using a rotary dial – making it easier to use than the touchscreen-only setup of the rival Jeep Wrangler.

We’d expect prices for the Fusilier to start from around £90,000. That’s a relatively small leap over the £79,140 Grenadier, but cheaper than the £100,000 Mercedes is expected to charge for the EQG. Well, nobody said eco-adventuring would be cheap.

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