New Mazda 6 & Peugeot 508 vs Skoda Superb

Can the redesigned Peugeot 508 regain prominence in the executive car market? The revised Mazda 6 and class-leading Skoda Superb are here to provide the answer...

Mazda interior
Mazda 6 interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

These models may all come from the lower end of their respective ranges, but they still provide plenty of adjustment in their driving positions, including for seat height and lumbar support. In the Mazda 6, you have to manually move your seat, whereas you get electric seat base angle and lumbar adjustment in the 508. Even so, our testers found it trickiest to get comfortable in the 508, due to its oddly shaped seats and the position of its dial display, which forces you to have the steering wheel lower than feels natural.

The 6’s seats provide more side support, helping to keep your rear and shoulders better in place and free from aches and pains.

Peugeot 508 interior

But the Superb wins here, due to fully electric seat adjustment with a memory function for the driver. That said, while its seats are most definitely comfortable when you’re going straight, even after a few hours, they aren’t particularly supportive through bends.

You get the clearest view out of the Superb, thanks to its relatively thin pillars and big windows, plus front and rear parking sensors come as standard. The 6 comes close, but its more upswept side windows and smaller rear screen impinge on side and rearward visibility, although you again get sensors at both ends. The 508 comes dead last here, even though it’s the only one with a rear-view camera as well as sensors. The trouble is that all of its pillars are much thicker, while its rear screen and side windows are very small.

Skoda superb interior

All three cars come with leather steering wheels and gearknobs, as you’d expect, but there are some key differences with regards to quality. The Superb scores for its solid simplicity, with just enough soft plastics to give a plush feel, yet upgrades to the 6’s interior have made it even more impressive. Everything feels well constructed, and there’s attractive padded leather-effect trim on the doors and dashboard that further boosts the ambience. The 508’s interior looks suitably striking, but it feels the least well screwed together – albeit by a relatively small margin.

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