New mobile phone campaign launched

  • Some drivers still using hand-held phones
  • New 1.5m Government campaign
  • Targets drivers through radio, TV and cinema ads
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The Government is launching a 1.5million campaign to target drivers who use a hand-held mobile phone when driving.

Using advertisements on TV, radio and in cinemas, it is timed to coincide with the first anniversary of tougher penalties for using a mobile phone when driving.

Since then, the penalty for illegally using a mobile phone when driving is three points and a 60 fine.

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: 'Our latest research shows the message is getting through to drivers, but some people are still needlessly risking their own lives and putting others in danger for the sake of a phone call.'

The Government's latest research shows a 40% reduction in the number of drivers seen using hand-held phones at the wheel between September 2006 and August last year. Just 1% were seen using a hand-held mobile compared with 1.7% in 2006.

However, whatcar.com's own poll taken during the same period showed that many more people admitted to using hand-held phones when driving - over 44% of drivers polled admitted to using a hand-held mobile phone at some point.