New Renault Megane RS Trophy & Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR vs Honda Civic Type R

Our favourite hot hatch, the Honda Civic Type R, is being chased down by the Volkswagen Golf GTI, as well as the most extreme Renault Mégane RS to date: the 300 Trophy...

Honda Civic Type R infotainment

Infotainment systems

Honda Civic Type R

This is the Civic’s weakest area, because its 7.0in touchscreen has small icons, overly complicated menus and sluggish responses. To make matters worse, the screen is disappointingly low in resolution and prone to showing reflections due to the angle at which it’s mounted. The one saving grace is the fact that you get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, allowing you to bypass Honda’s software.

Renault Megane RS infotainment

Renault Mégane RS

Like the Civic and the Golf, the Mégane comes with sat-nav, Bluetooth, a DAB radio and Apple and Android phone connectivity. As in the Civic, the screen could be easier to read – in this instance because it’s rather dull. However, Renault’s operating system is more logically laid out. And if you spend £800 to upgrade to the punchy Bose stereo, the standard 7.0in screen is binned in favour of a less fiddly 8.7in one (pictured).

Volkswagen Golf GTI infotainment

Volkswagen Golf GTI

It’s the Golf that has the best infotainment system here. Not only is it the most intuitive, but its 8.0in screen is also super-bright and responds almost instantly when you press it. We wouldn’t bother with the optional (£200) voice control, because it’s rather basic and frequently fails to do what you want it to. However, the Dynaudio Excite stereo upgrade (£550) is worth considering if you’re an audiophile.