New Suzuki Swift Sport vs Volkswagen Up GTI

Suzuki’s new Swift Sport promises lots of fun for the money – but is it a better bet than our current favourite baby hot hatch, the Volkswagen Up GTI?...

New Suzuki Swift Sport vs Volkswagen Up GTI

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

The Up’s front seats don’t slide quite as far back, but it actually has more head and shoulder room than the Swift. The reality is, though, that you’d have to be exceptionally lanky to feel cramped in the front of either car.

Surprisingly, the Up also has slightly more rear head and elbow room, and its larger side windows allow in more light to create a feeling of spaciousness. But no trick of the light can disguise its shortage of rear leg room; small children will be fine, but most adults will have to sit at an angle so their knees don’t press against the seatback in front.

New Suzuki Swift Sport vs Volkswagen Up GTI

The Swift’s boot isn’t exactly huge (it’s smaller than a Fiesta’s, for example), but you shouldn’t have too much difficulty loading enough gear for a weekend away; four carry-on cases will fi t below the parcel shelf. The Up’s boot, meanwhile is exceedingly snug and more suitable for soft bags only, accepting just two hard cases.

Suzuki Swift Sport

Official boot capacity 265-579 litres (to the window line rather than the roof) Suitcase capacity 4

New Suzuki Swift Sport vs Volkswagen Up GTI

The Swift doesn’t have a height-adjustable boot floor, but its load bay is significantly bigger. There’s a lot more rear leg room in the Swift, too. Figure-hugging front seats provide plenty of lateral support during enthusiastic cornering.

Volkswagen Up GTI

Official boot capacity 251-959 litres Suitcase capacity 2

New Suzuki Swift Sport vs Volkswagen Up GTI

A height-adjustable floor is welcome, but the Up’s boot is very snug. Despite its compact size, the Up actually offers more head and elbow room in the rear, but leg room is tight. Front seats are wider and comfier than the Swift’s.

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