New voice control for BMWs

* Voice control upgrade from BMW * Controls sat-nav and music systems * No date yet for UK introduction...

New voice control for BMWs

BMW is set to introduce new voice control technology for its navigation and entertainment systems.

With the current voice control system, to input an address into the sat-nav the driver has to say the place, street and street number in individual steps. With the new technology, however, the driver can say the address in one go.

The voice control system also allows the driver to select a music genre, artist, album or track. Initially, this will be restricted to music on BMW's hard drive, but eventually it will be able to read files from your MP3 player.

BMW claims the system can 'understand' different languages in parallel.

BMW plans to introduce the new voice controls from the autumn. However UK car buyers will have to wait a little longer introduction dates and prices have yet to be set.